Vivo Somnio (vivosomnio) wrote,
Vivo Somnio

An observation...

So, I made an observation today, in regards to The Iliad. Which, of course, some of you might only know as "Troy" at present. But, at any rate...these observations tie more to The Iliad than to Troy, as some sublte things like Achilles being part god aren't really delved into too deeply in the new Troy movie.

Helen of Troy, the adulteress, lives.

Prince Paris, the coward, kills Achilles and lives.

King Priam dies for pride. He believes so strongly that the gods favor his cause that he makes several bad errors in judgement.

King Agamemnon dies for power. He should have left Troy, but he kept at it, and it cost him.

Prince Hector dies for honor, facing Achilles alone when he is called out, rather than hiding behind the city walls. (Personally, though, I still think Hector is a badass, he's my favorite. I mean, Achilles is part god...where's the fucking sport in that?)

Achilles dies for glory. He knows what fate awaits him, and he chooses it nonetheless so that his name is written in history.

And the city of Troy....the city is fucking burned to the ground, the inhabitants slaughtered. Men killed, babies thrown from the walls, women raped & taken as slaves, et al....and for what? For love. The love of Hector and Priam for Paris, the love of Paris & Helen for each other. These things set the war into motion.

You know what this means?

So, my observation? Homer, clearly, either walked in on his wife having an affair or just got his ass dumped right before he wrote The Iliad. No doubt about it.

Just my quiet observation...
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