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I went to the Aquarium today. I may or may not have already said this, I can't rightly recall.

I enjoyed the Aquarium very much. I went with my brother Devin. His Live journal thingy is . I wonder if that linky thing will work? Oh well, it's not all that important to me.

We had a nice conversation on the way to the Aquarium.

One of the amusing things in the conversation was when Devin pointed out that Ryan, AKA , thought that he and I were similar. Or maybe somebody else thought that, I can't rightly recall. That wasn't the amusing part any ways. I brought up a question to Devin to confirm my suspicions that if Ryan and I were indeed alike then perhaps he, like myself, has people constantly trying to impress him.

Devin has informed me that I am indeed correct in my suspicions. So then, I want to know, and somebody enlighten me if you could, as to why that is? I am very smart, I am very smug. I can argue any point I wish, and likely win. I am, at times, very unforgiving of stupidity. Why do people wish so much to impress me? I am truly baffled by this behavior. Quite frankly, the only person you need impress is yourself. If you try to impress me, I will likely be more disdainful of you for lacking that faith in yourself. Perhaps that is a large difference between Kevin Moore, and myself. He thrives on people who want to impress him. It makes him feel grandiose. I, on the other hand, am repulsed by people so insecure in themselves that they feel a need to win over my approval.

Thoughts, like blood flowing from an open wound. Weaving, working, flowing, forming.


What makes people need acceptance of others?


Why don't I feel the same?


Why are people so resigned?


Why do I fight tooth and nail?


Time to play the association game. What do you think of when you see blood?

I always think of beauty and innocence. Blood is thick and soft. Sticky, yet velvety. Making love, smeared in blood. I've dreamt about it.

Innocence. The more blood you see, the less innocent you become. You begin to realize certain truths to life, as well as certain fallacies.




A pool of blood is formed. In it are answers. Answers to my questions. Your blood is not my blood. Your answers are not my answers.

You are not innocent. Put your hand in the blood, feel life, and tell me your answers to my questions. I want to know.

Illusions of happiness
Due to shattered dreams
Things undone, unforeseen
Flighted upon Angels wings
Riding the currents
Of demons screams
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