Vivo Somnio (vivosomnio) wrote,
Vivo Somnio

Hollywood Crush, Given the choice...

I'm not someone afraid to admit things, some would be embarassed to admit they've had/have a hollywood crush (as it were) but that's not me. Albeit, I have more of an interest in certain characters and not so much the actresses, as I've never met the actresses so how would I know if I'd like the real them? But, I digress.

For example (and related to my previous post) River Tam in Firefly/Serenity, Amelie from the movie of the same title are two who I find hopelessly adorable in their own quirky ways, which brings me to my question!

Given the chance, would you want to meet the actor/actress that plays the character, or would you rather not?

See, I think most people would, but I wouldn't. And it's not that I believe in any way that the people themselves would be a letdown, but what opportunities does one usually have to meet this sort of person? Usually at some sort of promotion (dinner, convention, auction, et cetera) where they have to be personable, and also can't really speak to anybody for more than a few moments.

I think in the cold face of the reality that this person would smile at you warmly, and make no mistake I'm not saying they wouldn't be sincere in their happiness to see you there, as I feel many would truly be happy to see you out supporting their work or their cause. Yet with such a short time to speak to them they wouldn't remember you. I think it would be crushing, in a way, to know that you hold "them" (which in actuality is a character to begin with so isn't really them) in such a high regard and yet though they may be sincere, they'll never remember you. You'll have no real impact on their lives.

I suppose I'm a dreamer, because to me the short time you have to speak to them just can't compare to the far more unrealistic, yet more romantic notion of hope you could hold on to by never actually interacting with them.

But am I a dreamer because I'm afraid? See, I often find myself loving the idea of what could be, rather than striving for the actuality of it. Nobody of course likes failure, but do I do it because the dream is always so beautiful and I'm afraid I'd fail to make it a reality, or am I that way because I already have the dream in me and it's already beautiful, so why bother to spend the time trying to make tangible something I already have in my mind?

I wish I knew...
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