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Have you ever noticed how it seems that most people devote most of their pictures to "f*ck me, I'm beautiful" pictures, and the remainder to a few shots of friends to show that they actually have a life?

Why do we do it? Is that really all we have to offer, the best we can do? Or are we really that insecure?

I mean, I myself of coure am not going to win any contests for stud of the month, so invariably someone better looking than myself will insinuate that I do not prescribe to this narcissistic process because I lack the intrinsic qualities necessary.

Codswallop. I may not be beautiful, but I certainly don't drive people from the room. Well...except that one time, but the circumstances were extenuating. Who knew that there were nuns in there anyways? But, I digress...

Why do we hide who we really are? Why do we fear the idea of somebody knowing all of us, including those dark thoughts we have (most of them likely sexual in nature, though certainly not always)? Why do we need validation of who we are? Why do we care what others think of what we do? Are we really that afraid that something is wrong with us?

I think that insecurity and the need for validation is a driving force in societal interaction, and it's fascinating to me. I am certainly neither above nor removed from it, mind you. I find these facets of myself every bit as interesting as I find these fascets of you. Though in general I do find that very few people are as comfortable with themselves and who they are as I am with myself and who I am.

I have a dark side in myself just as every person does, but I'm neither afraid of it nor do I attempt to supress it. I think dead baby jokes are funny. So are jokes about cannibalism, or most other subjects. I also think that people in general are far too scared of their sexuality for their own good. You may like to be spanked or to spank somebody. Or to be called names or call someone names, or have your hair pulled, or want somebody to just take you when you're not expecting it, or a number of other things. The idea that something is wrong with you just because you like these things is, to me, silly.

Now, the important part to remember is that while what you like may not mean that something is wrong with you, what you do may mean just that. There is nothing wrong with you for thinking something "strange" and not being terrified by the thought. There is something wrong in some cases if you act upon it. I'm sure that somewhere out there is, yes, a 14 year old girl who really is mature enough to handle a relationship. But, you know what? Just don't. The only place that thought belongs, ever, is in your own little world. Don't even start the conversation, don't even begin the flirting. Because, chances are, the one you're talking to isn't her. Or you might fantasize about rape or murder, and good for you, but if you murder or rape somebody that's a problem. Of course, I suppose that if you like to murder & you find somebody that really wants to be murdered.... Hmmm.... I'll have to consider that one. But rape we'll skip, since by definition if they want to be raped, they can't be, it's that weird catch-22 thing. So, I guess if you find somebody like that, then...pretend it's rape?

Ok, back to the point. Enjoy yourself, but never at the expense of others. This is one of the prime reasons why I'm generally against alcohol & drugs. Do I honestly care what you do to your mind or body? Nope. But too many of you are complete idiots. I mean, Bush? Case & point. So, you drop acid or get plastered and I'm ok with it, but then you get in your care to drive. This is where the problem occurs. It's not about not being drunk because "it's improper" or avoid bondage because "it's immoral", it's about general respect for others. Don't drive drunk because you could hurt others, don't force somebody into bondage gear that doesn't want to be there. Just general courtesy.

Don't be afraid of who you are, but be damn cognizant of what you do & it's effect on others. Nothing is wrong with what you like, only in how you apply it in the real world.

I'm done rambling for now, I have a datacenter to manage.
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