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What do you owe?...

"All that is required for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing"... The quite is ad-libbed so may not be 100%, and no I don't recall who said it, but the point remains. But I'm sure, of course, that you're a good person and this doesn't apply to you... Right?

Have you ever noticed how we no longer accept responsibility for our choices? Please, consider this for a moment: You are as equally culpable for your inaction as you are for your actions. Tell me, when was the last time you went to the movies? Hung out with friends? Got drunk? Went shopping just for the sake of shopping? Took a day off to just relax at home? Cleaned your house? Went out dancing?

Now...are you happy with our education system? Our tax system? Our election system? Our health care system? Outsourcing of jobs? Our foreign policy? Our domestic policy? Our economy? Our environmental policy? I mean, there has to be SOMETHING out there that you don't like. More than likely, many things. So, now, let me ask you another question. When was the last time you wrote any of your representatives about this? I'm not saying you have to change the world, to organize a march with 100,000 participants. But whatever the issue(s) is/are that you're passionate about, ask yourself, is the thirty minutes it would take you once a month to write that letter really worth spending on youtube instead?

A woman decides she wants to have a child. So, what does she do? Well, she rooms with another woman who has a boyfriend. This other woman and her boyfriend do what couples do. So, woman A admittedly takes one of their used condoms, and utilizes the contents to get herself pregnant. You know what the courts decide? They decide the male is responsible for child support. That's right. He's responsible for her bad choices. A man breaks into a home to rape a woman, and is armed with a knife, and he gets shot & killed in the attempt. In the criminal courts, there is no case against killing the man. It's legal self defence. In civil court, however, guess who's found guilty of wrongful death & has to pay? That's right, it's wrong of you to try and prevent someone from raping you and quite likely killing you afterwards. I mean, the dead man certainly isn't responsible in any way for the fact that he's dead. I mean, all he did was break in and try to rape a woman at knife point. If somebody eats rat poison and dies, it's the companies fault for not clearly labelling the poison with a "do not consume" warning. Are you serious? I'm sorry, but I believe strongly in natural selection. If you're that dumb, please, grab your towel and get out of the gene pool.

Disregarding if you do or don't believe in the Iraq war, do you know how much you owe for it? And do you know why? The contract, with no competing bids, that you pay for is called cost+. It means that for everything done there we are charged the cost plus a percentage on top of the cost for profit. Sounds good right? Well, no, not really. You're not just being robbed, you are being rectally violated with a spiked club the size of Alaska. Cost+ means that the higher the cost, the more the profit. If I say I'll give you cost plus 10%, do you make more if your cost is a thousand dollars or a million dollars? For example, the semi-trucks that are used to haul supplies, they cost $70,000. Now, if you buy one, and then it gets a flat tire you have to buy it a new tire right? So say the tire is $200, now you've spent $70,200 for cost and at 10% you make $7,020 profit right? Wrong. You know what they're doing? They depricate that semi as a failed piece of equipment, they sell it at auction (which isn't taken into account in the cost), and they buy a new one for $70,000. So now, because of a flat tire, they've purchased 2 semi's and sold one. And then they make another $45,000 in selling the 1st depricated semi. Your cost equals $154,000 for something that should have cost $70,200, their profit is $59,000 on something they should have made $7,020 on.

And there are those that wonder why the Iraq war is so incredibly over budget huh? But that's not even the sick part. The sick part is, as backward as this all started out, it could have been a good thing if not for greed. If we had taken that money, used it to put the Iraqi people to work rebuilding their own country, they would have something to do aside from fighting each other. Do you realize that still roughly 70% of their population lacks basic ammenities (power, running water)? Do you know what their unemployment rate is? We don't employ them over there, because they work for cheaper wages, and that's not as profitable in a cost+ scenario. Now, in a normal contract it would have been, because you get a flat rate and then anything under that rate is money in the bank. Well, good thing we privatized and didn't allow bidding. That worked out really well for us.

People in this country need to reconsider their priorities, to understand that the decisions they make, even if it's just a decision not to be involved does in fact affect other people. You cannot be uininvolved unless you don't exist.

It's like what I said in my last blog. It's not all about what you think, it's about how you have a responsibility to the way you act as well. If you can't help but want to everyone you see with glasses in the face, who cares? Though, I would like to point out, it would be much more effective to hit them in the face with a bat. Glasses are a relatively ineffective weapon. My point being, there are more important things to dwell on than your insecurities, and more important things to spend time on than your tan.

I know you don't like it, but the fact is that you're an adult now, you have a responsibility to more than yourself. You may not like to vote, but you're obligated to educate yourself on the voting & then participate in it. You may rather surf the web for funny video's, but you owe it to everybody that is affected by our policies (most especially yourself, since that's likely the only thing I can get you to care about) to educate yourself on them and then voice your opinion to your representatives. Even if it's just to say you agree with the current policies.

I'm no saint, but I find that 2 letters a month is not difficult to send, and I try to vary my subjects. Either way, you're not a child and the world does not revolve around you, get over yourself. It would be nice of you to join the rest of the world. You are responsible for what goes on around you, even if you intentionally ignore it.
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