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It suddenly occured to me how I could best describe what I was arguing in the first place.

Kathleen, take center stage. *dun, dun, dun*

You may take offense to this first bit, but I'm just stating an opinion. As far as style goes, sometimes you're very stylish. But you are also often fairly "trendy" in a sense.

Here's the part where you're showered with praise.

You're an attractive person, in my eyes. Despite what you might think, that should mean something to you. I don't say that to people often.

You have a GREAT personality. You're a fun person. Your style, quite obviously, isn't close to the style that I choose. Your style has nothing to do with you being attractive. It's personality driven.

That was my point. You can't spend all your time trying to follow the current trend and be voloptuous and yadda yadda. You have to be like Kathleen. You have to have personality, or you've basically got nothing.

Does that clarify at all?
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