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Have you ever noticed that sometimes you just don't feel right? I very much want to say dead inside. I think that's an accurate depiction. No matter what occurs, you still feel very blase about the entire thing.

I have a friend. That's right, a FRIEND. No more, no less. Her name is Meghann. Typically, I enjoy talking to her. The conversation is often very bouncy, in subject tendencies, thought patterns, and overall feeling. She is one out of approximately 3 people that I REALLY enjoy talking to. Sooooo...naturally I called her today. Course, the thing there is that I'm scared to death of talking to her on the phone. Don't ask, just accept. But, I do call from time to time just because that's what I do. Again, don't ask, just accept. Scotts are Scotts and hence have standard Scottperating procedures.

Right. Where was I?

Oh yes, calling.

So, I call. We talk. Briefly. I have nothing to say. I was suddenly very removed from the situation, and emotianally devoid. I was there, and a few words escaped from my lips, but for the most part I was gone. The conversation, for all intents and purposes, could have never happened.

I guess I want to be frustrated, but I'm not.

I live for emotion.

Have you ever had those days where you wake up and you just don't feel anything?

I think I should go back to bed.
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