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Yesterday a friend of mind got dumped.

The boy who dumped her had the audacity to do it while she was on a break at work. What kind of sick fuck dumps somebody when there's no time to actually talk about anything?

So, naturally, after this occured she E-mailed me. The only time she e-mails me is to forward something or tell me she has broken up with somebody, or somebody has broken up with her. Needless to say, we don't e-mail each other that often.

At any rate, this is what I told Mary. (Yes, Ryan, THAT Mary.)

You crave companionship as much as I do. As much as anybody does. The numbers, however, are not in our favor. You're 20 in a few days. You have many years, and many heartbreaks to go before you find the person that makes you happy. Feel lucky. You, at least, have those that keep you interested in the interim. I'm pretty well fucked. It's what I get for having eccentric taste I suppose. Life goes on. And so do you. Why? That's a question you asked as well. Why do you continually do this? It's because you're human. You can't stop your emotions any more than I can stop mine. If I could, I'd take a certain unnamed person and give her a swirly. Though, in truth, it isn't at all her fault. Fault can't be placed. Emotions are what they are, and that's the bitch of it. You can't blame somebody for not liking you, because it's not their choice. It's how they feel, and they can't control that. So instead we as humans try to grasp on to something substantial and "real" to place the blame on. It's a silly concept. Remind me to talk to you about certain physics concepts that may blow you away next time we meet. At any rate, there is no blame. There is nothing you CAN blame. It's not your fault. Stop kicking yourself. There's nothing wrong with you, nor is there anything wrong with me. We are, in essence, simply victims of that which we have no control over. Blaming yourself, and asking what's wrong with you, is like blaming yourself for a freak accident where a blimp runs you down. You didn't do anything wrong, it's not something you can control.

It just is.

And that's a bitch.
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