Vivo Somnio (vivosomnio) wrote,
Vivo Somnio

This is the B-Day party for some guy named Brad...

Funny thing is, said guy named Brad is the creator of LiveJournal...


Birthday/LJ Party!
Yo, Seattle people .... My 21st birthday is Monday, February 5th (yeah, sucks having it on a Monday) so we're going to be throwing a huge birthday/LJ party on Friday, the 9th.

Any suggestions on events? We could do a BBQ thing at the park, or go to golden gardens and hang out, or go to a movie beforehand, or just come over 8ish/9ish to the house and drink and stuff. I'll post what we're doing when I figure it out.

5251 16th Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98105
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