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It was raining today, and the sun was shining down. Normally I do not rejoice in visits from the sun, but the rain was a fine mist, and looking out the window of my work it seemed that I was were the rainbow started, and I couldn't see an end to it. It was fucking BREATHTAKING!

I might have gotten a little teary eyed over it. It was that damn beautiful.

My co-workers didn't quite get it. There's been a few incidents between this one and the walking into the wall incident. I think the rant that I went on during one of our manager meetings where I leapt upon the table and began to explain to them how the entire world was merely nothing more than perceptions, and to change the world you need only change the way you see it. They didn't quite understand that. I'm not really explaining it well here, but I may explain it some other time in more depth.

The world is as real as we make it, and I do not entirely subscribe to your vision of "reality". Reality, of course, not to be confused with realty. I know nothing of real estate. They hear the insane raving about unconventional thought, and they would rather laugh it off than think about it. They laugh at my insanity, I laugh at their stupidity. We all like to think we're better than everyone else. Or is that just me?

Do you know what about me doesn't sit right with other people?

My inability to need to justify myself.

When somebody says something blatantly incorrect in regards to my demeanor, I have never once felt the need to explain to them that they are wrong. I know who I am and I hold no secrets from myself. If somebody says something about me that is wrong, then they do not know that which they speak of. If they have no knowledge of that which they speak of, then I've no need to respect their opinion on the subject. If I do not respect their opinion on the subject, then why should I care what their opinion is? Why strive for others approval and acclamation? It brings me no form of absolution. My problem is, I'm erudite. In the non-sarcastic sense of the word of course. More than that, my problem is that I think. I stray from saying intelligent because too many people I have spoken to are intelligent in theory, meaning they have amply thought capacity, and yet are complete and utter dunderheads as they do not utilize said capacity. I've no need to prove anything about myself, or any approximation thereof. That is what bothers other people about me. The mere possibility that I might not care what they think disturbs them.

But honestly, if somebody has no idea what they are talking about in terms of you, why should you feel the need to justify it?

I can see certain cases, on an individual basis. But, for instance, my intelligence is something that I've never felt the need to justify. If somebody wishes to call me stupid, that is their choice. I need not remind them that when people began pondering how you could store anti-matter, and they thought it not possible, I was the one that explained to them how. It's simply there. Why justify it? Do you justify to people why you have a leg? "Gee, I, um...didn't really feel like cutting it off...".

In short, Kelsey, you are right. You need not justify your intelligence to a group who believe themselves to be intellectually superior to you. Quite frankly, it matters not if they ARE intellectually superior. Perspectives are all that matter, and if you have an interesting perspective on something, you are bound to go somewhere with your discussion. Just take my live journal as an example. My perspective is quite odd, and so I get much feedback. This pleases Scott..

And while on the subject of intelligence. For those of you who believe I'm intelligent because I can recited the entire history of Brazil, I can't anymore. At least, not in chronological order. At any rate, that has nothing to do with intelligence. Intelligence and knowledge are two ENTIRELY separate things. You can take any person of limited intelligence and beat it into their heads that 2+2=4. Now ask them to explain to you why that is? There is a distinct difference between intelligence and knowledge. Just because some twit can recite facts to you and make very mild deductions based upon said facts doesn't make them a genius. The example that I just used is by no means a moron, but he is not even close to the intellectual level of me for instance. People too often get intelligence confused with knowledge. Intelligence is the capacity to acquire and apply knowledge. Not how knowledgeable you are.

Any questions?
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