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Reality isn't subjective?...


But it does change something. It changes everything! The only one of us that is being deceived is you. The world will never be anything EXCEPT what you see it to be.

Reality will not continue tooling on when I am gone, reality will cease to exist. Not your reality, or anybody else's for that matter, but mine will, which is all that matters anyways. To each his own reality, I always say.

Decieve yourself. You are welcome to it. I will not fall prey to such standardized thought. If I was completely and utterly insane, and I believed the world infested with dragons and all of you trolls I would be right. What could you do to change the world? It may not be as such to you, but it would be to me. You could lock me up if you so wished, and it would change nothing. The world would still be filled with Dragons and Trolls. You forget that your perceptions are your own, and I need not share them. People often want to believe that what they think/feel/see is what IS. That is not true, that is insane. If I so choose to see a reality different than yours, there is nothing you can do to change that. Furthermore, the reality I choose to see is just as "real" as yours. How is it not? Because YOU don't think it is? What do your thoughts mean to me? Or your view of the world? I do not see it through your eyes.

Peoples peceptions mean everything to them in regards to the world. You go to work, and you feel you are being treated unfairly, so you get angry. Mayhaps the person you believe is treating you unfairly, believes he is being very just in regards to your treatment. You see, individual perception means everything to the individual. I may be flying, and you may say "but you're still on the ground you idiot". Well, that is all fine and good, except that it's not always true. If you believe something, it is so. If only in your mind, it is so. But then again, when has anything besides your mind mattered?...
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