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Vivo Somnio
13 April 1981
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Okies. I love water. Lots, and lots, and lots. I don't think you understand, but it's true. Like you wouldn't believe even. The way it feels, the way it moves, the way it looks. I don't know of anything more beautiful. I enjoy many outdoor activities. Running, jumping, climbing, biking. I love the woods, and seeing animals and climbing rocks and tree's. I also enjoy reading quite a bit. I like to make things. I can't make anything interesting, but I like making things all the same. And taking things apart. I enjoy that too. And putting paint on things. Not that it belongs there, but still. I like thinking. Pondering is good, and it can be insightful as well. Introspection and daydreaming are probably my largest hobbies by far. I like talking to people, but only one at a time. I hate talking to multiple people, you lose something at that point, there's no connection. What else? Hmmm. I like the wind, especially a very strong & sustained wind. There's something about it that makes me calm, I like the feel of it on my skin. I like writing too. Writing is good. And seeing. I like seeing instead of looking, which to far too many people will make too little sense. I'm the same with hearing instead of listening. But I'm silly that way. The thing that I love most in life though, is dreaming. You love me, admit it.
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